Helen Griffin UK Day 4 Faux Acetate Treat Box

4th Day of Christmas | Faux Acetate Mini Treat Boxes

Easy boxes with acetate, without the hassle of making a complete box – here’s how….

If you’ve ever tried to make an acetate box, then you will know that it can be troublesome with probably a cut finger thrown into the mix. Acetate can be difficult as it’s see through, resistant to folding, and your adhesive is always visible!

Today’s project keeps the acetate playtime to a minimum – a box that looks like a proper box, but constructed in a simple manner.

I also have a bonus box to share – measurements are down below.

Helen Griffin UK Day 4 Faux Acetate Treat Box 2

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Helen Xx 

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Cutting Guide

Base – 4 1/16″x 4 1/16″ Score at 1″ all four sides
Acetate lid – 6″x 6″ Score at 2″ all four sides

Bonus Box
Base – 7″x 7″ Score at 2″ all four sides
Acetate – 7 15/16″x 7 15/16″ Score at 2 1/2″ all four sides
Lid – 5 1/16″x 5 1/16″ Score 1″ all four sides



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  1. Hi Helen
    I made some of these boxes today for hubby’s birthday meal at the end of February. They were easy to make after watching your tutorial so thank you very much for that.
    I was disappointed that I couldn’t get as many as I’d like from my 12×12 paper so I changed the measurements to:
    Base: 4×4, score at 2 on each side
    Acetate: 5 15/16 X 5 15/16, score at 2 on each side and make up as before.
    I managed to get 9 bases from my sheet and four acetate lids, as before.
    Now I’m not just happy, I’m thrilled! Also if you can only get A4 acetate then you will be able to get two lids from each piece instead of one and with the acetate that’s left over you can make another type of box xx

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