7th Day Of Christmas 2016 – Gold & Silver Snowflake Tile Coaster Tutorial

Welcome to the 7th Day of Christmas

Day 7 is a handmade gift for the home. These are beautiful Christmas coasters  – perfect for your home or giving away.

I must warn you that the tiles do get quite hot so make sure you use a heat protected surface and be careful not to touch them until they have cooled off.

I bought my tiles from Topps Tiles in the UK and they are called Tumbled Limestone and here is the link. I went to my local store and bought a handful but you can also purchase a whole box online. These tiles are not shiny – they have a natural powdery matt finish. I sealed my coasters with a satin varnish spray (3 coats top, sides and bottom) and added a cork bottom from a roll of self adhesive cork. You can also use foam pad protectors from the hardware store. I would not recommend using Mod Podge to seal your tiles as it causes the surface to become tacky and will stick to your mug when you lift it. These coasters are wipe clean only.

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Helen Xx

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  1. These are gorgeous tiles! Be warned though not to set hot items on them. One year I embossed iridescent ice embossing powder snowflakes on a tile to be used as a trivet. When I set a hot pan on it, the heat melted the embossing powder. When the pan cooled, so did the embossing powder and the pan stuck to the trivet!

    • Hi Sue. Thanks for mentioning this as it’s important. I’ve tested it with a hot drink in a mug – The coaster only got slightly warm to the touch and the embossed areas were fine. Mugs are designed with a domed area at the base to minimise heat transfer when you put it down – the only place where it touches your surfaces is the ‘ring’ area. When I made the coaster, it took quite a while for the embossing powder to change – the whole tile needed to heat up before it melted. So I would say that it would be fine for a hot mug but not for anything else (like a hot pan with a flat bottom)

      • This is also why I don’t recommend Mod Podge for sealing the coasters – as this heats up and sticks to the ring on the bottom of your mug. I broke a coaster testing that one out as it stuck to the mug and then fell on the floor!

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