12th Day Of Christmas 2016 – Ferrero Rocher Stacked Gift Box Tutorial

Welcome to the 12th Day of Christmas

Day 12 has got to be one of my favourite projects from this series. One – it holds 8 of my favourite chocolates. Two – It looks fantastic when you open up the box and they are all on their little shelves staring up at you. What a sight when you’re not expecting it.

Now this one took a while to work out all the measurements. But, I did it and I’m so glad to be sharing it with you.



Base – 6-7/8 x 6-7/8″ Score all sides at 2″

Side Wrap – 3-1/2 x 11-15/16″
Score at – 1-9/16, 4-7/16, 7-3/8, 10-1/4″ (Or simply wrap it around the base to get your score lines)

Top Boxes (x2) – 4″x 5 5/8″
Score at 1 3/8″ all sides

Lid – 5 x 5 Score at 1″ all sides (add an extra 1 /16″ if the lid is too tight)

Paper Mats
Outside (5) – 3-1/4 x 2-5/8″
Small flap (1) – 3-1/4 x 1-1/3″
Lid top – 2-3/4 x 2-3/4″
Lid sides – 2-3/4 x 0.3/4″

(1) 3-1/4 x 2-5/8″
(3) 2-5/8 x 1-3/4″
(2) 2-5/8 x 1-1/8″

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Helen Xx

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Ps. Come back tomorrow for a SURPRISE BONUS project – There’s a spoiler at the end of today’s video 🙂

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  1. G’day from Australia! What a fab project! Love it to pieces! Took me a couple of tries but got it made in the end. I kept scoring the wrap in the wrong place even after you took the time to explain the 16th of an inch thing! I think I was having a seniors moment! Lol! Will definitely give some of your Chrissy projects a go too. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This is beautiful. I watched the video and it says the measurements arent correct. I used the measurements shown on your website but my pieces dont seem to fit. Just wondering if I’m using the correct measurements.

    • Hi Stacey, I’ve had a mixed response regarding the measurements – some say they work and others say they don’t. As the measurements work to the 16th of an inch, there is no room for any error. If a scoreline on the wrap or the inside box is out by a 16th of an inch then the wrap may not fit. The easiest thing to do is make your base box as accurately as possible and then manually wrap your card around, pinching the corners as guides and pressing them down. Hope this helps x

  3. Made this last night – but did have to modify the scoring of the two small inside boxes to get them to fit – I just scored 1 3/8″ in on all four sides and it worked like a charm! Thanks so much for sharing this project. (And I was able to use LIndt Chocolates – 5 fit in the bottom box and 2 in each of the top).

  4. Merci beaucoup j’aime beaucoup vos projets / Tank You very much, I love yours projets. I am sorry for my English., but I read. Merry Christmas and Happy new year

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this box, I saw it at Christmas but just didn’t have the time to make it, so I thought it would be really nice for Valentines day as well! I’m using your measurements from this post, but I don’t see the paper size for the bottom box. Could you please send that to me, I would be most grateful. Thank you again for such a cute box!

    • Hi Sue, you can find the bottom box measurements listed as the base section in the dimensions list. Hope that helps and a valentines version would look lovely! Xx

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